Dingwall Evangelical Church

A church at the heart of the community with God at the heart of our Church  



Dingwall Evangelical Church is a local independent church based in Dingwall, 15 miles north of Inverness, and meets as shown below. We believe every person who attends has a contribution to make to the worship process and that everyone has their own gifts and talents which can be used. Our services are therefore fairly informal but structured. We often say that this is church but perhaps not as you normally think of church! You have to come along to experience it for yourself!


We now have our own premises at 10/12 Hill Street Dingwall and we meet as a Café Church.  Our Sunday services are both held in the morning  We meet at 9.30am for our teaching time and this is followed by café church at 11am.  Everyone is seated around tables and refreshments are available all the way through the services. After café church lunch is available for those who can stay on and enjoy not only lunch but further informal fellowship together.  You need to experience a full morning with us to get a full picture of how we operate.

We also believe that children are important and so our activities are all family based. In the mornings we have a special unit for our youngest members (8 years old and under) where the aim is to promote spiritual growth and transformation of the children in a safe environment where each child is valued. We use the medium of play to help the children relate to Jesus. We have a dedicated and experienced team involved in this aspect of our work and led by a qualified professional in this particular field.  All our children's and young people's leaders have been fully CRB cleared.
At all sessions we have a full praise band leading our worship songs and their energy, enthusiasm and sensitivity creates a wonderful setting for being in the presence of the living God.
Our program is fast and interactive and includes DVD clips, games, quizzes etc, involves all ages and is very different from a traditional Sunday morning service. We do NOT however compromise on the message or the truth of God's Word it is only the way in which we present it that is different.
We open on Friday afternoons at 1pm for anyone who wants to come along.  This is known as Chill n' Chat and that is exactly what it is - a place where folks of any age can relax and chill out or they can play games, read, drink tea or coffee, hot chocolate and enjoy some home baking.
At other times we have family outings, maybe to the beach in good weather or to places like Rollerbowl. At all times the emphasis is on the complete family unit.




Please note that as of 17 March 2020 ALL activity organised by DEC will be suspended.  This includes Church services on Sundays, Prayer Meeting, Chill N Chat etc. This action is in line with the Government’s advice that people should minimise social contact including church services in an effort to reduce the spread of the virus.  The elders will keep the situation under constant review, and you will be kept informed of any developments.

In the meantime, we ask all connected with DEC to make the whole situation a matter of prayer and be assured that God is greater than any virus and pray that His will be done in all of this.

There is a very practical side to this as far as we are concerned and that is that whether we meet or not our bills have still to be paid and it may be that some of our congregation will have their own incomes directly affected, however where possible if you can afford to put aside what you would normally place in the offering on Sunday and then pass that on when things become clearer that will ensure that we are able to pay the rent etc.

Any urgent need for pastoral care should be referred to me by email on [email protected] or you can contact elder Steve Callan on [email protected]  Remember too to make full use of the church website at www.dingwallevangelicalchurch.co.uk and Facebook pages.

All the other churches are doing the same.  Please stay safe and healthy and I’ll be in touch.

Every blessing